VitaMesh Blue


VitaMESH™ BLUE Lightweight Macroporous PP Surgical Mesh is an implant suitable for different types of fascial defects.

VITAMESH BLUE provides the favourable compliance and healed strength characteristics of a large pore monofilament polypropylene mesh with optimised handling and biocompatibility attributes in one high performance implant of lightweight condensed polypropylene (cPP).


Strong and durable cPP material provides higher levels of strength compared to other lightweight meshes.1,4

Reduced surface area, void area and a large pore structure for improved healing and biocompatibility with less fibrous tissue encapsulation.2,4

A 125 micron monofilament fibre is used to produce a porous mesh with a weight of 28.3 g/m2. 1

Up to 80% reduction in thickness over predicate devices and a low coefficient of friction improve ease of use and trocar deployment. 4

Transparent open pore structure does not inhibit view, and blue fibre contrasts effectively with the underlying tissue structures.1

Macroporous open pore structure promotes rapid healing and dense collagen formation.1 Pore size is compatible with most surgical fixation products.



Areal Density 28.3 g/m2
Pore Size 5.5 ± 1.5 mm2
Thickness 0.0075” ± 0.0015”
Burst Strength 208.9 N
Tensile Strength (Normal) 27 N
Flexural Rigidity/ Stiffness 2.5 N
Monofilament Diameter 0.005”


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