VitaMESH™ Macroporous PP Surgical Mesh is an implant suitable for different types of fascial defects. VitaMESH™ provides the favour­able ingrowth and healed strength characteristics of a large pore monofilament polypropylene mesh with optimised handling and biocompatibility attributes in one high performance implant of condensed polypropylene (cPP).



Areal Density 52 ± 8 g/m2
Pore Size 2.4 ± 0.4 mm2
Thickness 0.010” ± 0.002”
Burst Strength 344.3 N
Tensile Strength (Normal) 28.8 N
Flexural Rigidity/ Stiffness 5.2 N
Monofilament Diameter 0.006”


  • Transparent open pore structure facilitating fast incorporation and visualization of underlying tissue structures¹
  • Up to 80% reduction in thickness and a low coeffi­cient of friction over predicate devices improving ease of use and trocar deployment4
  • Macroporous open pore structure promoting rapid healing and dense collagen formation¹
  • Thin wall structure with less material for reducing scar tissue build up and minimizing patient discomfort5
  • Uniformly strong and durable cPP material maintains consistent levels of strength while avoiding the problems associated with composite meshes¹,³,4
  • Surface area and void area reduction for improving healing and bio­compatibility²


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